Alison Snowden and David Fine are award winning filmmakers and TV series creators. Their films have been nominated for Oscars three times and they won once for Bob’s Birthday.

They met as students at Britain’s National Film & Television School where they both graduated in 1984 after working in both live action and animation. Alison's short animated student film, Second Class Mail (1984) won a number of international awards including best first film at Annecy and an Oscar nomination. At film school they worked alongside other renowned animators Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit, etc) and Mark Baker (Peppa Pig).

After film school they moved to Canada where they worked independently and at The National Film Board of Canada, in Montreal. There they made George and Rosemary (1987), a short animated film about elderly romance. This film received an Oscar nomination, a Canadian Academy Award, first prize at The Zagreb Animation Festival, as well as a number of other awards.

They also produce the short film, In and Out (1989), a wry film about life beyond the womb. The film won awards at The Berlin Film Festival, Athens, and a Canadian Academy Award nomination.

In 1989, they decided to move back to London where they worked for fifteen years, making Bob's Birthday, Bob and Margaret and numerous TV ads and other stuff in between from their studio on London’s swinging Carnaby Street.

Other work includes a segment for the short erotic film Pink Komkommer, the script for the humorously macabre NFB short animation, Deadly Deposits and various commercial work including the award winning Smarties Policeman ad and the long running national UK campaign for the Inland Revenue featuring a tax inspector voiced by Sir Alec Guiness. 

Alison wrote episodes for the animated series Peppa Pig and their daughter, Lily Snowden-Fine, was the voice of Peppa herself in the first 52 episodes. Alison and David developed the Aardman series Shaun the Sheep and created the character Timmy, who got a series all to himself!

In 2005 they relocated back to Canada, but this time Vancouver, BC, where they enjoy the beach life, skiing and rain with their daughter, Lily, who starred as the original voice of Peppa Pig, back when she had a British accent. Lily has been creating music lately in her band Days on Mars.

In Vancouver, they produced the series, Ricky Sprocket – Showbiz Boy, with Studio B Productions (now DHX Media) for Nickelodeon International and Teletoon.

Previously, they created 52 episodes of their award winning half hour prime time adult TV series, Bob and Margaret. The series was based on their Oscar winning short film Bob's Birthday and was broadcast in the US on the Comedy Central Network, in Canada on The Global Television Network, in the U.K. on Channel 4 and The Paramount Comedy Channel and on other networks all over the world.  Alison also provided the voice of Margaret. in the short and the series.  David did the voice of an incomprehensible pizza delivery guy in one episode!

They recently provided a sequence in the film, Yellow Sticky Notes Canadian Anijam. This film, directed by Jeff Chiba Stearns, features sequences by a number of acclaimed Canadian animators.