Bob and Margaret has enjoyed great critical and ratings success.  When it premiered on Comedy Central in the US, the ratings were second only to the hit show South Park.  In Canada on Global TV, Bob and Margaret was the number one rated Canadian show and was their twelfth highest rated series of any kind.  In the UK, Bob and Margaret enjoyed unprecedented critical acclaim for a UK prime time animation series with numerous picks of the day and excellent reviews in the major press.

Bob and Margaret has won a number of awards and accolades including TV Guide Magazines public choice for favourite animated show, Best Prime Time Animated Series at the LA World Animation Celebration and a Montreaux Golden Rose nomination for best comedy series (competing against live action!)

For the second 26 episodes (season 3 and 4), the Bob and Margaret characters moved to Toronto. This was because the major funding for the production was from Canada and this required that the series tell stories based in Canada. So the Fish's moved to Toronto for adventures as displaced Brits in North America. Alison and David consulted on the series, but did not direct or story edit the shows as they did in the first two series.


Bob and Margaret™ was based on the 12 minute Oscar winning short film, Bob's Birthday, which Alison and David made for The National Film Board of Canada and Channel 4 Television in the U.K.

Bob and Margaret was a production made at Toronto's Nelvana Ltd.  For episodes 1-26, most of the scripts were written in the UK.  The voices were also recorded in London.  Many talented UK actors featured in the series including Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Doon Mackickan, Enn Reitel, Meera Syal as well as many other fine actors.  Series co-dreator Alison Snowden was the voice of Margaret.  Award winning TV producer, writer and actor Andy Hamilton played Bob.

"Animation series that gets to the parts of contemporary angst that conventional sitcoms can no longer reach"
The London Evening Standard (UK)

Show of the week People Magazine (USA)

"The New Seinfeld" The Guardian (UK)

"Satirizing to perfection the ups and downs of domestic drudgery"
The Telegraph (UK)
"The finest, daftest animation series now running"
The Scotsman
"One of the most thoughtful and, at the same time, funniest new shows of the season".
The Toronto Star
"Sharply observed, slightly wicked and very funny comedy"
London's Time Out
"The best and most creatively written animated series"
The Globe and Mail

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