Ricky Sprocket - Showbiz Boy is a comedy series about an average kid with a not so average lifestyle. The series chronicles the adventures of superstar child actor Ricky Sprocket as he tries to balance family, friends and school with the pressures of his crazy showbiz life.

Ricky is the world's biggest child movie star, but he's no jaded, precocious child star. He's famous, he's rich beyond belief and he has all the latest toys and he loves making movies, but at heart he's just a regular kid with parents who embarrass him, a sister that annoys him, a flatulent dog and too much homework.

His studio boss, Mr. Fischburger, however, is more concerned with his huge career than such quaint trivialities as a childhood and Ricky always finds himself starring in larger-than-life action and comedy both on and off the set.

Ricky hangs around with a gang of school friends, Benny, Jamal and Morris. They help him deal with his Hollywood life and keep him grounded. On the other hand, he also has to deal with his usual co-star, Kitten Kaboodle. She is the quintesential Hollywood brat and does what she can to undermine him.


Ricky's parents, Bunny and Leonard, are no nonsense, down to earth folks who have little time for Hollywood shenanigans. Bunny is a stay at home mom while Leonard holds down his job as senior manager at a sausage factory. If there's some wisdom for Leonard to impart, it usually involves some kind of sausage analogy.

Stories deal not only with the trials and tribulations of being a big movie star kid, but kid issues that are familiar to everyone. The stories are exciting and aspirational, but at the same time grounded in a reality we all know, with familiar characters and issues, but in the hyperreal world that is Hollywood.

Ricky has to deal with his cantancerous studio boss, Louis Fischburger and his manic director, Wolf Wolinski who is constantly pulling his hair out everytime a take goes wrong, which it often does.

Ricky aired in Canada on Teletoon, the US on Nicktoons and on Nickelodeon in the UK and all other territories where Nick broadcasts (Latin America, France, Italy, Australia...). In all, Ricky aired in around 127 different countries. The series was produced in Flash, but for the most part, maintained a traditional, 2D cartoon feel. Designs and storyboards were produced the old fashioned way, with paper and pencils, and then built in Flash and animated.

Ricky is distributed worldwide by Bejuba Entertainment. It was produced by Studio B Productions in Vancouver (Now DHX Media)

Ricky and Kitten
Ricky and Kitten